Frequently Asked Questions

Our beginning

On 2016, we, the founders, went as missionaries to the deep Peru high on the mountainous Andes.  We went as strangers and came back as friends for life.

On 2017, Eduardo kind of backpacked from California to Arequipa. It was in Colombia, after a mistake from his fake wife, that he met Nikos & Georgia among other awesome people. Whom opened his eyes to an unknown world of opportunities.

About the interns. Jean met Sandro when he was his catechist years before, Eduardo met Patrick when he was doing some field research for his thesis and finally, we met Keisi on a contest of developers when we were looking for hands that wanted to help us to develop Napay, on August 2018.

After finishing college Eduardo was looking for a proper job where he could use fully his skills and knowledge, he went through several hiring processes, reaching the lasts steps, always getting an outstanding compliment from one of the evaluators. However, he got no job. In the other hand, Jean was working on a startup (in the capital); while dreaming to be part in something which passionate him more.

Finally, on Christmas his contract came to an end, at the same time that Eduardo decided to start his own stuff. They both came together and spoke about what to do, simultaneously in those days Angel called them just to meet for a drink and a FIFA game on PS4.

One thing lead to another and they went as a team to the StartUp Peru contest.

About the exact idea of Napay. While Eduardo had traveled to numerous places, Angel and Jean did not travel just a bit. So, it came naturally to them that a platform like Napay should exist and in fact the technology was already existing; is just that nobody had had the right approach to do it. This meant an opportunity ready to be taken.

App details


LONG ANSWER: You pay for what you use, like in a freemium model. In the free tier we allow 3 uses per year, each use of 5 days. Also, you are able to pay for the tools that you want to use (we are going to be adding tools with time). In addition, we will develop premium features, that has not been seen before in any way, shape or form.

LONGER ANSWER: We have thought in seven different ways to get income, once out on the market we will test it and see which one of them works better/what mix is the best.
In order to give the totality of the basic app for free, full year, we need a big number of users. Once we reach this milestone we will find a way to compensate the users that paid.
In any case, we are going to do what is best for the whole of our fraternity.

Absolutely not.
Our aim is to be the ultimate touristic app, this means that no matter what kind of traveler are you we have to be able to fulfill your needs. We can do this because the places and business that you will find on the app will cover the tastes of everybody not only a specific segment.
We can do this primarily thanks to our expert travelers, our users and finally the businesses that we will get to join our fraternity.

We have the profile of our users, we know their travel habits and when using the app they are looking for what to do in a touristic sense.
This means that we know among all of our users who would enjoy your services more. Additionally, we will be able to show you to them just in the best moment, so they will receive your ad without annoyance, but instead thankfulness.

We have seen a lot of apps, specially the most used ones.
It could be possible that we don’t know about your app, still what set us apart is our approach getting the help of expert travelers.
However, please tell us about your app; who knows maybe we could integrate our services together ☺️

About supporting us financially

You can make a bank deposit to any of the accouns down below (peruvian accounts).

We prefer dollars, but if you give us soles we accept soles. For other currencies, communicate before.

★ SOLES: You can make a deposit in any of our 2 accounts:
➡️➡️ BCP: 215-93025593-0-40 (CCI: 002-21519302559304023), in the name of: Eduardo Antezana
➡️➡️ BBVA: 0011-0220-0201612752 (CCI: 011-220-000201612752-10), in the name of: Ángel Cárdenas

★ DOLLAR: You can make a deposit in our account:
➡➡ INTERBANK: 3363081706377 (CCI 003-336-013081706377-54), in the name of: Eduardo Antezana

After you have done a donation, TELL US.

So, we can gift you Napay Silver Coins that you will be able to spend on tha app once is running.

As you may know we did an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign, still we got the investment that we needed from private investors.

However our budget is pretty tight and only covers our first 3 months.

In order of priority, we have to pay for these and even more:

  1. Tech payments (server, dominion, etc).
  2. Development payments (salary of the interns).
  3. Expert travelers payment (several of them told us that they are good without a payment for now, but not all of them did).
  4. Marketing (free marketing exists, but paid marketing can increase exponentially the number of users, while more users better for everybody).
  5. Founders payments (getting a bad full-time job on their respective areas would give them more than what they ask to commit more than half time to Napay, 75$ each one per month).

The objective is to release a Beta version in June and have everything fixed by July.

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We prefer to answer doubts by public scenarios like youtube comments, facebook posts, etc.
But if you think that you need a more detailed conversation then write us an email to or fill out this form.
If you considerer yourself an expert traveler and want to be part of Napay Travel, then click here.
If you have a tourism business and want to be part of Napay Travel, then click here.

  • Company based on Arequipa, Peru
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